Alan's Confectionery


Ida Mae
Mr Sidney



Alan's entrepreneurial spirit has navigated the family through the Great Depression and World War II. But at least one of his children is plagued with an unanswered question from the past... "What happened to Mama?”

"Some folks can snatch the sweetness out of the cake and never crack the crust."

~ Ida Mae


The story takes place in St. Louis in the 30s and 40s. It's a story about family, a mother separated from her children by circumstance and a struggle that she shares with her oldest son to be reunited. The original score is heavily influenced by the music of that period.

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Selected Musical Tracks

Another Stepmother Brian Demar Jones and Lauren Steele listen
Go Home Callie Carmen Brantley Payne listen
That Man Needs to Die Cheryl Thompson (aka ZZ Rose) listen
What a Surprise James Dixon and Lauren Steele listen
Family Alan Alexander III listen
The Skinny Alan Alexander III listen
If You Could Get Away James Dixon and Lauren Steele listen

Promo Video 2018

Irvin as Lenny
Lauren and James
Mr Sidney
Jimmy and Louise


Alan's Confectionery began in 2011 with some oral history interviews of the elder women in the Alexander family. The playwright, Alan Alexander III is the grandson of the protagonist in this story. After 18 months of research and another 18 months of writing the 1st draft of story (script) and the score, the musical was ready for workshoping.

The first table reading was at Portland Center Stage in October of 2014. The premiere public workshop performance of this work was an abridged staged reading that took place on January 25th 2015 as part of the Fertile Ground Festival of new works for the theatre. It was a one time performance that completely sold out in advance.

We're almost ready to bring you the World Premiere of a FULL PRODUCTION of this musical! Visit here often for updates or follow the hashtag #AlansConectionery!

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  • Book, Music and Lyrics: Alan Alexander III.
  • Director: Brian Demar Jones.
  • Music Director: Steve Cleveland.
  • Cast: Seth Rue, Carmen Brantley-Payne, Josie Seid, Mariah Richardson, Chloe Hennessy, Lauren Steele, James Dixon, Cheryl Thompson, Irvin,Jerry Foster, Ernest Whaley, Reese Bowes.
  • Musicians: Steve Cleveland (piano), Mary Sue Tobin (sax), Leah Hinchcliff (bass), Ward Griffiths (drums). Transcriptions-Susan Peck.

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  • Gold Patrons ($50.00 or more): Anonymous, Alexa Wiley, Jeffi Powell, Joyce Alexander, Gary Powell, Jo Ellen Legg.
  • Silver Patrons ($25.00 to $50.00) Rick Ray
  • Chocolate Patrons ($10.00 to $25.00) Art Alexander.
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