Little Things (Jordan Briggs)

Song Title: Little Things
Artist: Jordan Briggs
Album: Single (demo only)
Year: 2007
Genre: Soul / Hip Hop
Music and Lyrics: Music by Alan Alexander III
Lyrics by Jordan Briggs
Credits: Jordan Briggs: vocals
Alan Alexander III: Electric piano, bass, percussion, flute, acoustic guitar
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The sun is surely coming up this morning
And that blue sky's got me feeling just alright.
The grass is growing green outside my window
and the dew is shining in the morning light
Because yesterday is gone
and I know that I can rise above the strife

Cause the thing that makes me happy
is a new day and the little things in life

Like a picnic in the country by the river
Take a dip inside my favorite swimming hole
I just need to find the joy in my surroundings
and appreciation deep within my soul
Tell me why should I chase money
when I know that health and nature will suffice?


I need some space
Everything in it's place
There's a smile on my face
for the whole human race