Someday The Bars Will Open Again(Steve Cleveland)

Song Title: Someday The Bars Will Open Again
Artist: Steve Cleveland
Album: Linn Street Din
Year: 2021
Genre: Honky Tonk
Music and Lyrics: Steve Cleveland
Credits: Steve Cleveland: Piano, Lead vocals
Russell Gores: Guitar, Harmony vocals
Chris Rourke: Bass
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Someday the bars will open again
And I'll walk right in, have my favorite brew
Someday goin' out won't be a sin
And I won't be stuck at home thinkin' of you

Some night the candlelight will linger
At a table where we've all had a few
As we listen to some old-time country singer
And a song about a love he thought was true

Lately this house feels like a prison
But someday I know I'll be free
And someday the bars will open again
And I'll be right back where I wanna be