Don't Cry Shinobu (Dub Squad)

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Song Title: Don't Cry Shinobu
Artist: Dub Squad
Album: Tonic of the People
Year: 1991
Genre: Ska/Reggae
Music and Lyrics: Alan Alexander III
Credits: Alan: Lead vocals, keyboards, drum programs
Karen Searcy: Harmony vocals, keyboards
Brian Davis: Drums, congas, percussion
Mary Sue Tobin: Keyboards
Jim Daniels: Fretless bass
Newel Briggs: Guitar
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Shinobu. Don’t cry, Shinobu.

Over the ocean. A big airplane.
I know life will never be the same.
Big blue ocean. Big blue sky.
It’s so hard saying good bye

So little time so much to do.
Are you ready to try?
Tell me sister can I count on you?
Are you ready to try?
A question for the people far and near.
Are you ready to try?
You know the answer that I need to hear.
Are you ready to try?


A million people. A billion words.
Universal language is the music I heard.
I’m not certain what I should feel.
Sometimes life is so real.

Just one question before I go.
Are you ready to try?
Excuse me for asking, but I need to know.
Are you ready to try?
I’m not asking for a master plan.
Are you ready to try?
I’m just asking you to understand.
Are you ready to try?

Don’t cry my sister.
The world get’s smaller everyday.
We will all meet again.

Dont cry, Shinobu.