Give This Man His Money(Dub Squad)

Song Title: Give This Man His Money
Artist: Dub Squad
Album: Love is Rising
Year: 1988
Genre: Ska
Music and Lyrics: Music by Alan Alexander III and Duane Grant,
Lyrics by Alan Alexander III

Jim Daniels: Bass
Mel Kubik: Alto Sax, Harmony vocals
Karen Searcy: Keyboards, Harmony vocals
John Sexton: Keyboards
Brian Davis: Drums
Newel Briggs: Electric guitar
Alan: Lead vocals

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Won’t you give this man his money
and then send him on his way?
I don’t think it’s very funny
what this man is trying to say.

When I saw the photograph
of you and your new “friend”
I almost died.
If the papers get a hold of this one
it’s the end. There’s no alibi.

Save your explanations for someone who cares.
I just want to make sure that we’re in the clear.
You were stoned, I know. But, still, that’s no excuse.
Here’s a strategy we can use.


Did you really think this all would blow away?
Nothing we can do and less that we can say.
I’ll get on the horn and call the PR boys
and, with luck, there won’t be much noise.

You could leave the country till the heat goes down.
I’ll stay here and cover while you’re out of town.
Promise me that you’ll stay out of trouble please.
By the way, where’s my Mercedes?

What did you do with my Mercedes!?

Give this man his money!

©1981 Alan Alexander III