Soldiers (Dub Squad)

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Song Title: Soldiers
Artist: Dub Squad
Album: Tonic of the People
Year: 1991
Genre: Reggae
Music and Lyrics: Music by Jim Daniels
Lyrics by Alan Alexander III
Credits: Jim Daniels: Keyboards, bass, drum programs
Alan: Lead vocals, percussion, guitar
Karen Searcy: Harmony vocals, keyboards
Newel Briggs: Lead and rhythm guitar
Brian Davis: Drums, congas, percussion
Mel Kubik: Alto sax
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Soldiers are marching off to war.

They’re marching in Africa
In Central America
There’s trouble in Bogota
and over in South East Asia
They’re marching in Israel
by air, by water, by land
They’re marching all over this world
As if they all had a plan

They’re coming on helicopters
Travel on submarines
Coming on a big destroyer
I wonder what this could mean
They’re coming into your city
and crying won’t do you no good
You never thought you had a problem
Then you saw them in your neighborhood

Soldiers coming through your yard!
(Watch out for the roses.)
Soldiers coming through your house!