Hear No Evil

From the movie ‘Hear No Evil’ by 20th Century Fox, starring Martin Sheen and Marlee Matlin.

Fox licensed 5 songs from Dub Squad Music for this film. The title of this song is ‘The Island’. Dub Squad (the band) is featured performing the song in this film. Music and lyrics composed by Alan.

Street Talk and Tuxes

From the movie ‘Street Talk and Tuxes’ by Susan Shadburne Productions

A moving documentary about homeless youth trying to escape life on the streets. Original musical score composed and performed by Alan.


Alan Alexander III provided original music for the animated scenes of feature length independent film, ‘Stuff’ by director Larry Johnson.

The film is about a grown son processing his relationship with his father by the stuff left behind when the father dies.


A second clip from the movie ‘Stuff’ by director Larry Johnson.

This is the second film collaboration between Larry and Alan. The first was the 1998 release ‘Alien Invaders’ funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts (see video clip above on this page).

The original music for the animated sequences in this film were composed, produced and performed by Alan.